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Being well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage change in your organisation is increasingly necessary to ensure that you are in a position to adapt, survive and thrive.

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What is Change Management by Twiga?

At Twiga everything we do is about culture.

Change is key to culture.

Change is something we manage every day – big or small. It doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. In fact, you’re far more likely to succeed if you get the basics right and do them well.

Change Management by Twiga is a professional development program for managers who lead change.

Join our professional development program and learn how to implement change in a way that will help keep you focused on the things that matter – maintain your organisation’s operations, nurture your people and culture, and deliver on your goals and objectives. 


What's included?

Our professional development program includes:

  • 2 x 90-minute theory sessions
  • 2 x 90-minute action learning sessions
  • Access to 1:1 coaching with an experienced change coach
  • 12-months access to Change Tools – our online toolkit and resources
  • Online coaching and support from coach@changetools.com.au
  • Regular change insights

Feedback from latest Masterclass

“The introductory Masterclass  was one of the best sessions I’ve ever attended – in a matter of an hour, the presenters covered a lot (width and depth) on a topic on which books are written! Well done. The element of operationalisation / adoption ran as a central theme, which I think is very important and generally missed out or assumed in change initiatives. Well done and keep it going!”

LN, Australia 

“As a Masterclass, it was a fantastic presentation with skilled presenters. Clear, composed, and knowledgeable, they delivered valuable insights and examples. The Q&A session was particularly enriching. I’m grateful for this insightful experience and plan to revisit the webinar to fully grasp all the valuable lessons offered.”

KL, New Zealand


We believe leaders need contextual not theoretical knwoledge of leading change.

Change Tools is action based. By brining together a cohort of leaders each with their own change challenge our training enables leaders to learn how to successfully navigate their change whilst learning from and with others travelling the same path.  

Success comes from doing, not just knowing.

Tools, Data and Reporting

Change Tools incorprates multiple tools to help you through a successful change.

These tools include startegy development, communication management, assessing impact and risk management.

These tools integrate data and together provie deep insights and a dashboard for team, executive and board reporting. 

Online and Personal Coaching

Change Tools provides support and coaching online and in person.

Mail coach@changetools.com.au to receive a prompt reply from one of our team best suited to answering your query.

Or for those far curlier issues, use the above Email and book a time with one of our change team for an in depth exploration.

Step by Step guides

Leading change can be described in a step by step process including designing, assessing, communicating and managing.

Of course very little change follows the process.

Change Tools provides an interactive guide, integrated set of tools and accompanying guides which enable any change journey. 


Tools are great, guides are good. Better is personalised suggestions and contextual insights tailored to the needs and challenges of where a leader is. By combing the skills and expeertise of the Change Tools team with data, analytics and custom AI Change Tools accelerates the change journey.

Contextual Articles and Insights

Change Management is a broad and deep field covering disciplines as diverse as orgisational strategy, project management and organisational and individual psychologoly.
How do you get across all this when your job is leading?
The Change Tools team breaks this  this into bite sized, contextual articles linked to the various stages of change. Leaders are able to consume as needed, when needed to support their change activities.

The Change Tools team.

Lived experience creating successful change across all aspects of strategy, operations and technology.

Jo Smyth

 As Managing Director of Twiga Group, Jo’s focus is to help organisations with strategy, culture and innovation. Jo brings more than 20 years of experience in the corporate sector to the table as Twiga’s MD. 

Her career has spanned senior leadership roles focussed on strategic organisational change, engagement and communications, and extends to human resource and employee relations management, transformation program and project management and leadership of global multi-disciplinary teams.

Adie Dawes-Birch

Adie has a wealth of experience and deep expertise in leading strategic initiatives from ideation through to delivery, gained working alongside some of the world’s most dynamic and influential leaders from the public and private sectors.

With a proven track record of delivering of exceptional results, she is proficient in organisational and growth strategy, transformation and change, people and culture, corporate affairs and governance, stakeholder engagement, marketing and communications, thought leadership and policy development.  

Lindy Mathews

Lindy brings a combination of technical knowledge and strengths in communication and leadership. She has a growth mindset and a strong foundation for analytical thinking, problem solving and creativity.


Lindy thrives on being a part of, and empowered by, high-performing cross-functional teams that value trust and collaboration. With a Masters in Electrical Engineering, she has successfully led digital transformation projects, created cultural shifts and implemented strategic channels to market to achieve customer advocacy.

Darryn Webster

He is a highly experienced and motivated leader who enables people and organisations to accomplish operational excellence by shifting mindset, culture and operations.

With over 25 years experience across diverse industries and specialisations, including digital and tech operations and C-Suite, Darryn is a highly experienced and motivated leader. He enables people and organisations to accomplish operational excellence by shifting mindset, culture and operations. 


Melissa Tandy

Melissa is an experienced leader in transformation, program leadership, change and risk management, and diversity and inclusion.

She has over 20 years’ experience as an executive leader in large financial institutions, leading small and large teams.

Melissa works with boards and leaders to challenge, shift and fine-tune their strategies, and also help to land them – making strategies come to life for their people, in an actionable and sustainable way.

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